Pen Instructions

Beyond Ink Instructions: 

Inside the box there is a stylus attachment that you can replace with the standard ink attachment. 

To switch from the writing pen to the stylus attachment, please turn the pen so that the ink tip does not show, unscrew the bottom stainless steel part, and replace it with the stylus attachment. 

Unscrew the top cap to access the USB, which will allow you to access the memory flash and charge the pen's built-in battery 

  1. When plugging the pen into your laptop with the clip facing up, the pen's battery is charging. The green Light will flash. When it's solid green that means it's fully charged. When you plug the built-in cable into your phone it will be solid green as well, indicating that it's charging your phone. When the battery is drained and needs recharging, it won't be lit. 
  2. When the clip is facing down, you can access the memory flash. 

The built-in cable is hidden behind the clip. You can slide the cable out with your finger to charge your phone.

If you have the iPhone version of the pen, simply shake the pen one time so that the sensor goes into charge mode. The green light will turn on to indicate that it's activated. 

Ink refill

Lamy M 21 ink refills can be found on Amazon and other sites. In the near future, we will have this available on our website as well. 

To replace the ink cartridge, you have to unscrew the bottom stainless steel tip of the pen (just as you would twist off the tip to switch from the ink pen to the stylus attachment), and pull the cartridge out. To place it back (or to put a new cartridge in) simple push it back in.